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CIDAF  has a multidisciplinary team of researchers, mostly from the University of Granada, including chemists, biologists, pharmacists, biochemists, food technologists and chemical engineers, among others. It is a qualified team with a wide experience in managing research projects led by Professor Dr. Alberto Fernández Gutiérrez and under the scientific coordination of Professor Dr. Antonio Segura Carretero.

The team is currently composed of the following members:

  • Director:  Alberto Fernández Gutierrez
  • Scientific coordinator:  Antonio Segura Carretero
  • Manager:  Javier  Valverde
  • Researcher:  Dr. David Arraez Román
  • Researcher:  Dr. Jesús Lozano Sánchez
  • Researcher:  Dr. Rosa Quirantes Piné
  • Researcher:  Dr. Isabel Borrás Linares
  • Researcher: Dr. Ana María Gómez
  • Researcher:  Celia Rodríguez Pérez
  • Researcher:  Dr. Arántzazu Morales Soto
  • Researcher:  Patricia García Salas
  • Researcher:  Hakim Backhouche
  • Researcher:  Cecilia Jiménez Sánchez
  • Researcher: Nassima Talhaoui
  • Researcher: María de la Luz Cádiz Gurrea
  • Researcher: Ana López Cobo