CIDAF– is a multidisciplinary Research and Development Technological Center located in the Health Science Technological Park in Granada (Spain) and specialized in the functional foods and nutraceuticals field in collaboration with the agro-food industry.

CIDAF foundation, a private non-profit entity, is constituted of the University of Granada, the Andalusian Regional Government Council of Agriculture, Fishing and Food, and several agro-food and biotechnological companies. CIDAF main mission is to transfer knowledge between the University of Granada and agro-food companies specializing in the bioactive ingredients, functional foods and nutraceuticals fields.

CIDAF’s specific objectives are to generate a new scientific knowledge that is applicable to the design, production, and characterization of safe and healthy foods, and nutritional complements, and to transfer this knowledge to the agro-food sector for the creation of added value products, addressing every step of the Research and Deevelopment process.

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CIDAF mission is to collaborate with agro-food companies and research centers and research groups to generate and transfer their knowledge to industry and, therefore, contributing to economic and social development of our land. CIDAF focuses its scientific research on the determination of agro-food bioactive compounds with the aim of using them in human and/or animal food, pharmacy, cosmetics, active packaging, etc. CIDAF also contributes to build and strengthen the competitiveness of the agro-food industry through innovation and technology development. Indeed, it transfers knowledge, scientific research and the experience of the University and their technicians and researchers to the productive sector, helping to obtain new bioactive compounds, functional food, nutraceuticals and other products with high added-value.

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Areas of activity

CIDAF performs a comprehensive development of the identification of bioactive ingredients in food products; from extraction, characterization, purification of bioactive compounds and determination of their bioactivity to their isolation, extraction and production of functional foods and nutraceuticals at pilot scale. 

  • Identification
  • Characterization
  • Extraction and Purification
  • Bioactivity
  • Pilot scale production
  • Consulting and Technical Assistance
  • Courses and Conferences


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