CIDAF  has a multidisciplinary team of researchers, mostly from the University of Granada, including chemists, biologists, pharmacists, biochemists, food technologists and chemical engineers, among others. It is a qualified team with a wide experience in managing research projects led under the scientific coordination and direction of Professor Dr. Antonio Segura Carretero.

The team is currently composed of the following members:

  • Director Prof. Antonio Segura Carretero
  • Scientific coordinator:  Prof. Antonio Segura Carretero
  • Business Development Manager:  Ana Vigil
  • Analytical Processes, Instrumentation and Quality Manager: Dr. David Arráez
  • Metabolomics Area Manager: Dr. Rosa Quirantes
  • Characterization Area Manager: Dr. Isabel Borrás
  • Extraction, Purification y Encapsulation Area Manager: Dr. Jesús Lozano
  • Pilot Plant Area Managers: Dr. Rafael Biedma y Mª Ángeles Mérida
  • Microbiology Area Manager: Dr. José Antonio Curiel Gámiz
  • Juan de la Cierva Researcher: Dr. Raquel Del Pino
  • Researcher:Dra. Mª de la Luz Cádiz
  • Researcher: Javier Leyva