CIDAF has many facilities that are distributed in two annexed buildings located in the Health Science Technological Park, in Granada. These buildings contain a pilot plant for functional foods production and packing, research laboratories and a prestigious team of researchers in the field of functional foods.

  • Andalucia Bioregión Building:  The upper floor includes two well-differentiated areas.

–          A northwest area of a 130  m space that contains an extraction and characterization laboratory.

–          A northeast area that contains a lecture hall, administration office and, work places is available for visiting research groups.

  • Business Centre building:

–          A lower floor  of a 400 m2 space, where the pilot production plant is located, including  preparation, extraction, treatment and packaging spaces.

–          A basement of a 150 m2 space designed for storage, water treatment and other processes, and connected to the production plant through an elevator platform.

    • The pilot plant is equipped with different equipments destined to carry out dairy, juice and fermented products pretreatment, mixture, homogenization and thermal treatment. In addition, the pilot plant contains equipments to perform packaging in diverse formats such as jar, tetrabrik or preformed containers. This makes the pilot plant suitable for producing new sets of functional foods to use in clinical trials and market tests.

A classified cleanroom is also available to pack the extracts in different dosages.

  • The laboratories area is composed of new generation equipments:

–          Gas chromatography coupled to time of flight quadrupole mass spectrometer.

–          Equipments to carry out the analytical characterization of extracts through liquid chromatography coupled to time of flight mass spectrometer (RRLO-ESI-TOF and UPLC-ESI-QTOF).

–          Modular mixture, drying, atomization and extraction system:

Fluid Bled

Pray dryer


Control system

–          Countercurrent liquid chromatography (HPCC):

Pump for high pressure gradient

DAD detector

–          Dryer extraction and concentration laboratory equipment:

ASE extractor



Vaccum Evaporator Concentrator



Ultra centrifugal mill

–          Supercritical fluids extraction equipment

–          Subcritical extraction equipment: supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) and semi-pilot scale subcritical water extraction (SWE).

–          Preparative chromatography.

–          Solid preparation equipment:

Stainless steel V mixer. AISI-316L, atex II groupp, 2D category.

Sifter mixer

–          Semiautomatic capsule filling machine.

Laminar flow hood
Thermal cycler
Gel electrophoresis DNA